Our Story

Where did we get our name? Timpson Creek flows into Lake Burton and is named after John Timpson, the first Cherokee Indian to be baptized in the Baptist faith. This is Dwayne’s home and inspired our store’s name: Timpson Creek Gallery.

Timpson Creek Gallery has been a staple in North Georgia for 40 years and is owned by Cecile Thompson, who is sought after for her design taste that have graced homes throughout the United States.

“We sell what I like,” says Cecile. “The store is my look – eclectic, colorful, the cottage style.”

Two Adirondack inspired buildings house over 10,000 square feet of decorative bliss. The main house is a treasure trove of unique art, jewelry, antiques and hand crafted furniture. The second building is Timpson Creek Millworks, owned by Dwayne Thompson, Cecile’s husband.

We know every single one of our vendors. We believe in selling only high quality, American-made items to our customers, ones we can stand behind.

Cecile Thompson

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