Timpson Creek Gallery

Timpson Creek Gallery has been a staple in North Georgia for over 41 years. Known for our unique blend of fine art, custom hand made jewelry, antiques, unique furniture, and interior design.
We update our collections frequently so please stop by!

Featuring Local Artists

Timpson Creek Gallery represents a variety of local and nationally known artists who work within diverse mediums. Many of our artists showcase the beauty of the natural environment that surrounds us.

Timpson Creek Gallery Featured Artists
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Home & Interior Design

Timpson Creek Gallery is owned by Cecile Thompson, who is known for her keen eye. She is sought after for her design, which has graced homes throughout the United States. It is her love of textiles and art that bring people from around the world to visit the ever changing array of procurements.

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Dwayne Thompson Custom Furniture

Master craftsman Dwayne Thompson has been living, playing and working near Timpson Creek his whole life. Long ago, he decided the best policy was “to treat your customers like your mother,” and it’s worked for him ever since. Dwayne enjoys seeing customers come back and take pleasure in his one-of-a-kind creations.

Custom Hand-Made Jewelry

Looking for a gift or something truly unique and American-made to add to your jewelry collection? This is the place to look!

Perle Du Bois Jewelry 10
Hal and Margie Hiestand Jewelry 3

Explore The Gallery

Timpson Creek Gallery boasts unique and rare collections of art, custom 18K, 22K, and 24K jewelry, hand made furniture, and high quality classic rustic interior designs.
There is always something new to discover, make sure to check back often.