Libby Mathews

Resident Artist | Timpson Creek Gallery

In the Art Lab, Libby Mathews holds workshops, demonstrations, critiques, art talks and lessons.

Libby helps other artists and clients realize and refine their own artistic vision by listening to their ideas, answering their questions and sharing her thoughts, visions and expertise.

bark canoe libby mathews artist

“My work evolves as I do. Each day, I show up and do the work with determination, fear, anxiety, passion, focus, vision, excitement and gratitude…this is the dance…my dance.”

About Libby Mathews

Twenty years ago, I made a life-changing decision. I left Atlanta, where I’d grown up, married and raised a family, and moved to Rabun County, in northeastern Georgia.

At the time, I had no idea how profoundly my new surroundings would influence my art. The mountain views and reflections from my lake cottage led me to the landscape genre, that remains my focus.

My association with Timpson Creek began after I showed its owner, Cecile Thompson, some paintings I’d done of my Jack Russell terrier. Their whimsical nature fit the character of Timpson Creek and excited Cecile, who also expressed interest in my landscapes. She realized before I did that my landscapes and still life’s would be a good fit for her gallery, and thus began our venture together. Not only do Timpson Creek and I share a commitment to a distinctive style, but the gallery’s atmosphere inspires me to constantly re-envision my art.

Libby Mathews Paintings 2
Libby Mathews Paintings 3
The Rower 27 x 39 - Libby Mathews Timpson Creek Gallery

I’m energized and inspired when I hear that a new owner is pleased with an original My STUDIO and ART LAB, located alongside the Timpson Creek Gallery, allows visitors to experience a working studio.

I hold a Bachelor of Visual Arts in print-making from Georgia State University. I worked for the Georgia Council for the Arts teaching printmaking around the state.

Teaching print-making for the Governor’s Honors Program opened many doors for me.

I am a Hambidge Fellow and have taught Plein air classes for the Hambidge Center for Creative Arts and Sciences in Rabun Gap, GA.

I have studied under Marc Chatov, Alice Williams and Ann Templeton. More recently, a private grant supported my study with the renowned Cynthia Packard, a painter in Provincetown, MA.

Cynthia’s big, bold, brave brush strokes and her love of line and movement inspired me to understand the intrinsic spaces found in each landscape.

Libby Mathews Latest Artwork

New additions are continually being updated.
Check back often or stop by the gallery to see the latest custom art pieces by Libby Mathews