Dwayne Thompson

Who’s Dwayne Thompson and why is he such a big deal?

Born in 1953, owner and master-craftsman Dwayne Thompson has been living, playing and working near Timpson Creek his whole life. He fondly remembers days of riding motorcycles and camping out in the woods that surround his workshop.

Thanks in large part to two influential high school teachers, Mr. Jack. Prince and Mr. Jack Martin, Dwayne first developed his drafting and woodworking skills in shop class. He later polished these skills at North Georgia Technical College in Clarkesville, GA. After school, he was hired by a local furniture company to turn artists’ sketches into complete drawings and build prototypes. A few years later, he went out on his own and opened Timpson Creek Millworks.

At first, he never turned down a job that came through the door whether it was sawing a log in half or replacing an ax handle. Over time, more work came in and Dwayne began building his own furniture, but still with a traditional flair.

Feeling uninspired working with straight lines and straight boards, Dwayne started creating pieces that combine high style rustic styles with modern elements of geometric patterns and repeating designs. To create his original works of art, he begins with a simple sketch. From there, he selects his materials, most of which are re-purposed. He began a stockpile of unusual pieces of wood and scraps, and now his inventory includes everything from tree stumps to old paintings. Dwayne can spend anywhere from a week to three months on a particular piece. Just to keep his mind working, he often has several pieces being constructed at once. Always the perfectionist, he often reworks the furniture he builds several times until it is just right.

Long ago, he decided the best policy was “to treat your customers like your mother,” and it’s worked for him ever since. He enjoys seeing customers come back and take pleasure in his one-of-a-kind creations.

If you would like consultation on a custom piece by Dwayne Thompson, call or contact us for an appointment.

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