Anna Destefano

Award Winning Novelist | Fine Art Photographer

Creator of “Affirmation Photography”.
#1 Best-Selling, Award-winning Novelist.

You might not expect a Georgia Tech honors graduate to build a successful career as a professional artist, but Anna DeStefano has found a way to do just that.

Anna’s fine art photography Affirmation series captures nature in its truest state bringing you right in front of ‘Momma bear’ and her cubs.

Anna Destefano-Baby Makes Three 16 x 24
Affirmation Photography-Just One More Cherry 16 x 20

“I’ve never been more grateful for the technology that allows me to capture such bright, innocent spirits in their natural habitat.”

About Anna Destefano

After growing up on the South Carolina and Georgia coasts and then moving to Atlanta for college, she spent a decade working in Big Six consulting and Corporate IT, specializing as a senior technical writer. “Get a job where you can make a nice living,” her daddy told her. And she has, just not the way her father would have expected for the last twenty years.

People who excel a technical things aren’t typically seen as creatives. But Anna is not typical. And she has been blessed with one opportunity after another to lean into her creative side and watch it flourish, first as a best-selling novelist and now as an award-winning, fine art photographer.

Anna Destefano-Fine-Art-Photography-Bear Cubs

Anna Destefano Latest Artwork

New additions are continually being updated.Check back often or stop by the gallery to see the latest custom fine art photography pieces by Anna Destefano.