Hope B Reis

Hope Reis always wanted to be an artist. She originally received a degree in Interior Design. It wasn’t until years later she was able to paint full time.

“I seek to combine realism and impressionism in my paintings,” Hope Says. “Painting and drawing from life is what really excites me. Whether arranging a living set up in my studio, painting outside, or in a beautiful interior, my desire is to capture the effect of the light and feeling.” 

She works mostly with oils, although she takes watercolors sometimes when traveling abroad.  Her love is European Interiors, and she tries to get abroad regularly to paint. She has family in London and Stockbridge and feels right at home in what she calls, “timeless & historic” settings. Hope is continually inspired by the richness of the work of the Old Masters such as Sorolla & Anders Zorn, and hopes her paints have a timeless quality to them.

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